Ma From the Italian word equivalent to "but", it is very often used at the beginning of questions or sentences for no apparent reason
-"Ma, is it possible?"

-"Ma, it can`t be!"

-"Ma get outta here!"

Madonn' Equivalent to "Oh my god" expressed when someone is annoyed but actually refers to the madonna instead of God.
"Madonn' that french girl keeps calling me, she thinks I'm gonna marry her"  
Ma gerout Equivalent to the "Get Out" expression
Rick: "Mclaren is gonna win the next F1 race"

Carlo: "Ma gerout!, the Ferrari team is more better* than the McLaren team pecuz* the car has more gription*"

*see: More better

*see: Pecuz

*see: Gription
Make Used instead of the proper english verb "Do" in a sentence

"Can you make me a favor?"
Manadj Used instead of the english expression "God damnit!" and equivalent to "Maudit" in french

"Manadj, I lost the girl's phone number!"
Ma oh! Equivalent to the: "What the hell!" english expression


"Ma oh!, what do you want from me?"  
Ma please
Meaning the same thing as a sarcastic "Please" in english but with an unexplained "Ma" in front of it

"ma please, gimme a break"  
A mess, messy

"Did you see Fabio's room, it's a real matchèll"


Ma wat
But what; also commonly used replacement for ma*


"Ma wat do you know you?"
"Ma wat are you saying?"

Marriage A church wedding and/or a wedding reception


"Me I* gotta go to four marriages this summer"


*see: Me I

Mature Ripe (fruit) "Dose bananas are still green... it means they're not mature"


*see: Dose
Me I
Used at the beginning of a sentence to emphasize the first person


Joe: "Ma did you see Tony's new GTI?"

Mario: "Me I thought he bought a Civic!"




Metro Sation


Subway station "I'll meet you at Atwater metro sation"


Mines The word "mine" wrongly used in the plural form


Phil: "Who's cigarette is diss*?"

Frank: "It's mines!"


*see: Diss
Meenkia, Meenzeega,
Also: Inkia (without the "M")
From the slang Italian word referring to male genitalia. It is used as a swear word; it is also an expression of exclamation or surprise


"Meenkia, I had trree* smokes in my deck and the guy swiped them from me" *see: Trree
Misee Used to shorten: "let me see, show me" Steve: "Look at the watch I bought"

Pino: "Misee, misee!"


Missiou Mister "Missiou, give me a Brio and put it on my tab"


More better Better than "Caffè Epoca is more better than café Extravaganza"


More by down dare In that direction, further Concetta: "S'cusa me... but where's Inter Marché? (a popular grocery store".

Robert: "Aieee* ... more by down dare!"


*see: Aieee
Mudder Mother "My mudder made me macaronis."