Ice cream All frozen treats (including Popsicles, Slushes, Mr. Freezes, etc...)


"You want an ice cream?"  
In da teet When someone gets caught doing something, fails at something or gets zinged during an argument

"He tried to get away with lying to me but when I found out, he got it in da teet!"



Irono I don't know Joe: "Is this jacket on special*?."

Mario: "Irono! Dat jacket is nice but*"

*see: On special

*see: But
Iront tink so I don't think so Cristina: "Is the hairdresser open on sunday?"

Sonia: "Iront tink so"
Itslirat It's like that Pat: "Why do they always close the highway at night?"

Anna: "Irono* but Itslirat"

*see: Irono
It's not happening!
It's not very good Jimmy: "Did you go watch the new Al Pacino movie?"

Sabrina:"Yeah, it was'nt happening!"