Gallery Word used instead of "balcony" or "terrasse"

"It's hot outside, let's go eat on the gallery"

Garabeach Garbage Mom: "Wayu, take out the garabeach!"


Garagiņ A garage "I have to put my Monte Carlo inside the garagiņ"


Geraouraear "Get out of here" "Geraouraear, Italy is more better* than brasil at soccer!"

*see: More Better
A kind of italian potato-based pasta. The term is used also to say someone is dumb

"Graziella's boyfriend is such a gnock!"  
Go wowt To go out
Me I*' m gonna go wowt this weekend and pick up!"

*see: Me I
Gription Traction; mostly used when describing the condition of running shoes


"Dese* running shoes are no more good!*... they have no more gription"


*see: Dese

*see: No more Good
Gwastate rotten "Dese* tomatoes got all gwastate pecuz* it was too hot yesterday night*" *see: Dese

*see: Pecuz

*see: Yesterday night