Fadder Father "My fadder's car is fast, on the way over here we beat All kinds* of Mustangs!"


*see: All kinds


Feast Religious party, usually thrown by that church near the mountain in the St-Michel area


"Me and Phil we picked up* Sunday when we went to the feast of San Francheesk !"

*see: Pick up
Flingstones The "Flintstones" television show

"I watched the Flingstones at lunch today"


*see: Dese
Floor Concrete or asphalt. Any indoor or outdoor ground surface


"Oh! Don't eat that bishkott*... it fell on the floor!" *see: Bishkott
For real Used to add credibility to one's statement Gina: "The chick was spazzing out* yesterday night*"

Lina: "For real?"

Gina: "For real!"

*see: Spazzing out
Frate Brother (Can also be used to engage a discussion with a close friend)
"Mingia* frate, what the hell are you doing? Why don't you wanna go wowt* with us?"

*see: Mingia

*see: Go wowt