Bail Inability for italians not to say the word "lease" in english but in french at all times


"I have to make the people upstairs renew their bail"  
Bakkala Italian word for salted cod fish, Also used to say someone is an idiot


"Steve is such a bakkala!"  
Bashtonn A wodden stick "Me I*'m gonna hit you in the head with this bashtonn!"


*see: Me I


A plastic bag "Put Dese* pannettones inside à Bèga"

*see: Dese
Bloc Apartment



An apartment building. Adapted from the french: Un bloc appartement

"I just bought a bloc apartment in Montreal-North"  


Soccer Table (found in most cafés and bars in St-Leonard)


"Let's have a game of bigliardino...."


Bin yeah!


Of course! Rocco: "Is Bonanza closer than Inter-Marché?"

Rick: "Bin Yeah!"

Birday Birthday

"Yesterday was my birday!"




A cookie, adapted from the italian word: Biscotto" "Do you want some bishkotts with your espresso?"

Bod'uh dem Both of them "I was so hungry that when I saw those sausages, I ate bod'uh dem!"


Boh? Expression used to indicate "I don't know" Frank: "Where did Mary go?"

Tony: "Boh?, how should I know?"



Boots "It's snowing outside, put your boodz on"



To describe when a place is messy or when a fight or brawl breaks out in public "Meenkia* clean up your bourdèll!"
"There was a fight at Thursday's last night... What a bourdèll!"

*see: Meenkia
Borrow Used in the contradictory form as "Lend" "Could you borrow me 20 bucks?"


Boxxa A box "Do you have na' boxxa so I can bring dese* pastries home?"


*see: Dese
Bro Widespread St-Leonardian version of the common "Brother" reference used in the black community

"Bro, I'm telling you there was at least 100,000 people at the Grand Prix this weekend"  
Brooming Sweeping

"I'm gonna broom the floor"



Tanning Salon


"I have to go to bronzaggiò cause I'm too pale"


But "But" used at the end of a sentence replacing the english term "However"

"It was raining that time when we went rollerblading...we had a nice time but!"


But oh! The word "Hey!"
used in an interrogatory form
"But oh! Where is he, he said he was gonna be here at trree*!"


*see: Trree