Aieee Used when
someone is trying to say: "that's Impossible!"


Mike: "I took 10 minutes to get downtown last night."

Joe: "Aieee! stop zaggerating*!"


*see: Zaggerate


A'busta Enveloppe containing money given at celebrations such as weddings and baptisms


"Aieee!* I can't go wowt* cause I have to save money for a'busta for my cousin's wedding" *see: Aieee

*see: go wowt

A'canteen Cold room in the basement of all italian households in St-Leonard Mom: "Gianfranco, go get oujousse* in a'canteen"

Gianfranco: "Aieee*, it's always me that has to go downstairs..."


*see: Aieee

*see: Oujousse

Ahummazingah Amazing "The Sopranos is ahummazingah!"


Allègna Fire wood "I have to help my father pecuz we just got allègna for the winter"

*see: Pecuz
Alla masse Intentional
mispronunciation of the French expression "en masse"


"At dat* party, there was girls alla masse!"


*see: Dat
All kinds
Can either mean "everyone" or can be used to say "Several, a lot" "Minghia!*, the guy's making all kinds of cash with his new club!"
"Meee!* All kinds Of people were there last night!"
*see: Minghia

*see: Meee
All worried




Sarcastic expression used a person tries to show they don't care about something


"Even if the guy kicks me out, I'm all worried cause I'll just go to the other bar"  
Ammarketta Jantallo An outdoor market called "Marché Jean-Talon" "The fruits and vegetables are on special* at ammarketta jantallo"
*see: On special
Amma sorry I'm sorry "Amma sorry but where's Lacordaire boulevard?"


Amméssa Mass (Usually in a Catholic Church with an italian-speaking priest)


"I have to make the tomatoes tomorrow because I have to bring my grandmother to Amméssa"


Ariacondish Air conditionning "My new Civic is troppo nice*, it even has ariacondish!"


*see: Troppo nice
Arrandja To fix "My computer crashed but my friend Remo is gonna arrandja it!"

A'ruell Back Alley in a residential neighborhood. Derived from the french "ruelle"


"The kids are playing in a a'ruell"  
Aschtuff The stove "Take the lasagna out of aschtuff, it's ready"


Ashouranz Insurance "I can't take my car cause my ashouranz is finished"




Ashpètt Wait! "Ashpètt, I still have to put gel in my hair before I come to pick you up to go wowt!"

*see: Go Wowt


To taste "Dese peppers are good, assadj!"


*see: Dese